Welcome to Isfahan Carpets Ltd

Hello I'm Caroline Allan of Isfahan Carpets Ltd.

I am often asked to recount stories of the amazing people and landscapes that I encounter of my travels to Iran. The rugged beauty, warmth of welcome from nomads and bitter cold of Persian nights has as much effect on me as it does on the wonderful, durable, unique carpet creations that I find. 

At Isfahan Carpets Ltd I have the largest collection of Persian hand made rugs in the UK. All the carpets are authentic and together with my agents I ensure that the weavers are well recompensed for their work and that there are no sweatshops or children involved in the making of our Persian carpets  collections.

Carpet cleaning available

As well as selling these wonderful carpets, I also operate a unique carpet cleaning service here at Isfahan Carpets Ltd.

If you are interested in more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me today or drop by our showroom.

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If you are interesting in purchasing authentic Persian carpets and rugs, call Isfahan Carpets Ltd today on 01506 857 135

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